Dragons 3: everything we learned all about the newest Dreamworks on the Annecy Festivity

Around the occasion in the Annecy Festival, the director Dean DeBlois reached present the 1st images of “Dragons 3: The hidden world”, the newest installment in the famously animated trilogy of Dreamworks studios, which is to be released on February 22, 2019.

This Thursday morning, the legendary director Dean DeBlois ( Lilo and Stitch, Dragons, Dragons 2 ) was present on the Annecy International Animated Film Festival presenting the ultimate a part of his trilogy to success alongside his comrade’s animators studios Dreamworks.

Inside a shower of applause, balloons and paper planes (tradition requires), the filmmaker unveiled, for that new on earth, several concept arts, preparatory works and also some sequences almost completed by his latest film. While looking forward to its release inside our rooms on February 22, we’ve been in a position to find a preview of the work that promises like an epic, disheveling and moving conclusion of the saga that no more presents.

While keeping for all of us the numerous springs from the scenario which were unveiled today, we are going to attempt nevertheless to describe in some words (and by using the director Dean DeBlois that people had the pleasure to satisfy in the interview) as to what may be like Dragons 3: The hidden world.


Nearly ten years have elapsed because the release from the first Dragons in March 2010 once the third and final opus appear within our rooms early the coming year. Harold, the anguished and unsure young boy we met during the time, became a brave and upright village leader in the boots, once we had already realized in 2014 in Dragons 2.

Four years later, they have changed again. Having an entirely new armor that will not fear the flames, they have pretty much turned into a dragon itself, a minimum of within the battlefield. In front of your team of shock composed of his former companions, he ensures the protection of his flying friends, even as we discovered within a rescue sequence at a breathtaking pace. Nevertheless, the young hero is just not all his inner journey, as Dean DeBlois told us in an interview today.

“For me, Harold has achieved a specific amount of success by changing the mentality of his people, developing a world where humans and dragons can are now living in peace. He’s the girlfriend of his dreams, he’s a lovely dragon, he or she is popular But all this because of his relationship with Krokmou, I believe that deep down, they have this hidden anxiety about without having any value without his dragon. The film puts this conviction towards the test, and force Harold to begin a big change.

When it comes to the village of Berk, directed by Harold, it is now (as you might have allowed it to glimpse the trailer from the film unveiled several days ago) the very first perfect society where Vikings and Dragons reside in harmony. Only slight downside: the overpopulation from the small island, some landscapes now seem like frescoes within the “Where is Charlie,” and which represented unprecedented technical challenges for your animators from the film. One of them introductory sequences have been presented by Dean DeBlois as among the two most complexes in Dreamworks history.


“When you have seen the trailer for Dragons 3, as well as when you have only browsed the title in the movie, you know: Harold, Krokmou and the friends are not content to keep on Berk Island. Indeed, a search for the survival in the village will be prepared, and a vacation to “a hidden associated with dragons.”

A visually stunning new environment, which we come across inside the BA, and that we had a chance to discover more in-depth, through animation tests projected through the presentation. Pictures not definitive while still being in development, indeed, but already vertiginous. Plans where colors, lights, dimensions, floors intertwine. Actual visual fireworks which, once completed, probably will not have to envy for the last treasures in the competition: the field of the dead of Coco or perhaps the megalopolis Zootopia, as an example.


Few professionals tend not to acknowledge this issue: animation has not been a lot better than with can be quiet. Do without words, remove any artifice, and go to town only through the image. The outcome of Toy Story 3, the silent short films of Pixar Studios, the development of Ice Age, whose only dialogues would be the panicked screams of Scrat as well as original cartoons from the 30s. The examples aren’t lacking, and Dragons 3 is all about to participate record.

Indeed, Dean DeBlois promised today to festival-goers Annecy that his new film would include several sequences without dialogues, scenes where music and animation will require up all of the space. A good promise for your fans from the genre that this director has additionally been quick to concretize by broadcasting one of these simple scenes.

Interview within the trailer, the encounter between Krokmou and also the strap of his species he falls into love with is really a mixture of humor and emotion (inspired through the curious courtship seen in some animals), in which the impulses from the heart feel the drawing, the face area, the movement, the background music. By all paths, except by that the dialogue.

“Our intention should be to take viewers on the journey which has a broad spectrum of emotions, ” says Dean DeBlois. “We make them laugh, we wish for those to feel delighted, amazed, they see the adventure, we wish for those to forget every once in a while, but of, we would like to get them to cry, because which means they are involved.


Dragons 3 is not a regular sequel. The producers of Dreamworks happen to be formal. Here is the final installment of your trilogy, the epic conclusion of your story that began almost a decade ago.

Dean DeBlois himself came on stage explaining which he would not just like the sequels, but the notion of? Making Dragons a trilogy, using a beginning, a middle and a finish had done him as apparent as soon as the exit in the first so that it has not been for him for making two more films, but for composing the very last two elements of one as well as the same work, still incomplete.

“When they walked up to me asking me when any delete word a sequel [note: on the release in the first film], I replied that I believe, some questions were left unanswered, and this a greater Harold’s story of coming old was awaiting Harold, from your first film to his final maturity, as being a wise and altruistic leader, therefore I told them, ‘Let’s execute a trilogy. ‘ Once we can entrust to two suites, then we could tell three acts of the identical story, and connect those to the other person, ” he explained.

This latest film, identified as an “epic and exciting conclusion” towards the story we all know, will not promise only technical prowess. Likely to explain why do not find any more dragons nowadays, it is already drawing within our wildest dreams as an epilogue “to the Toy Story 3”. But for being manifest, it will require some more months of patience.