A brand new trailer is looking for summits for “Dragons 3: the hidden world.”

Probably the most touching animation sagas of recent times are all about to unveil its end. With Dragons 3: the hidden world, the friendship between Harold, the young Viking, and Krokmou, his faithful dragon, will experience new twists and turns inside the twilight of your ” new world ” all set to open. Given that the friendship involving the Vikings and Dragons is made, the two acolytes will each act as the best of these clan. But a hostile newcomer may cause trouble while women Night Fury appears the maximum amount of to charm Krokmou concerning challenge his relationship with Harold.

With all the Dragons saga, the company Dreamworks has reached peaks of emotions, as a result of a haunting soundtrack and endearing characters. Over the past Annecy Festival, a “work in progress” as well as the first minutes in the film were unveiled, stirring rather enthusiastic reactions. On the helm on this third part, the faithful Dean DeBlois, already a director in the two previous films. The Hidden World movie download will probably be released in theaters all winter, February 22, 2019.